Client Testimonials

Strip Mall Financing

I met Richard Latrenta through a mutual client and with his consulting assignment with Oritani Bank. My goal for the Shoppes at Mansfield was to obtain new financing at a lower interest rate and no longer be a guarantor on any loan for my Strip Mall.

Greenway Consulting work very hard in finding the right lender for my goals and work through all the issues from the approval process, documentation of the asset and closing. As CEO of the Property Management Division of NAI Hanson, a recognized Commercial Real Estate Broker based in Bergen County, New Jersey, I have worked with a number of banks and professionals, and I would without hesitation recommend Greenway Consulting and Richard Latrenta.
– Steve De Mattheis, CPM, Managing Member

Graycliff Restaurant in Moonachie, New Jersey

I have known Rich Latrenta since he was President of Allegiance Community Bank and I was the owner of Don’s Diner in Irvington, New Jersey. Rich was instrumental with my acquisition of George’s in 2002 and I have utilized his company in the refinancing of my catering facility twice in the last five years and each time he has dramatically reduce my cost of borrowings why working with the banks to arrange additional funds for the continue improvement of my catering establishment.

For any Restaurateur who needs help in obtaining the necessary financing for their business needs, I would truly recommend Rich and Greenway Consulting based on his invaluable knowledge of banking, their meticulous knowledge of detail, the expeditious and professional manner of handling both my catering facility and loan request.
– Tony Papamarkos-The Graycliff, Moonachie, NJ

Oakland New Jersey DinerI was referred to Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting by a peer and fellow diner owner. I had purchased my diner in 2007 and had an option to purchase the land & building. When I first met Rich it was just the start of the economic meltdown we are now in the midst of, and I didn’t hold out much hope for obtaining the necessary funds to meet my objective, but Rich never gave up. Rich acted more like an owner than a loan broker. I never met any person in my life that was more committed to me and my diner.

At the time my FICO score was quite low due to a previous divorce and I couldn’t even get a loan to purchase a used Volkswagen Passat. Somehow Greenway got me a loan to purchase the land & building, payoff my existing seller’s note, fund my septic repair, pay all my closing cost and walk away with an additional $50,000 in working capital. Additionally, my monthly payment was reduced by $4,000 per month from my previous rent and seller’s note payment.

Rich’s knowledge of finance and banking was invaluable and I whole-heartily recommend Greenway Consulting to any business and restaurant owner.
– Harry Mihas-Oakland Diner, Oakland, NJ

New York City Restaurant LoanMy family and I have been the owners of Café Napoli in Little Italy for over 25 years. We had an opportunity to purchase and build a new restaurant and 6 ½ story condominium project on the corner of Hester and Mulberry Street. Our goal was to expand our restaurant footprint in the Little Italy area for our ever expanding family successors.

Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting got us the necessary construction financing for this project. They also worked with our Construction Manager to help finish the building and eventually we open our restaurant which has been successful thanks to Greenway Consulting efforts.

Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting went far beyond the call of duty.
– Anthony Fontana-Giavanna’s, Little Italy, NY

Cornerstone of Hillsdale, New JerseyI was introduced to Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting by one of my partners. We had owned The Cornerstone for just about four years and had one more year to exercise our option to purchase the land & building. Based on what was happening to the economy and specifically banks and their unwillingness to lend, we retained Rich and Greenway Consulting to obtain the funds necessary to exercise our option.

Through their efforts we were able to obtain the loan with only 10% down payment. At a time that banks were not lending to anyone, let alone a restaurant, and if you could get a loan, you would need to put a least 30% equity, we could not believe he found us the financing with only 10% equity.

But Rich and Greenway Consulting didn’t stop there. The bank we received a commitment from refused to lower its quoted interest rate, although market rates were dramatically going lower daily and monthly. Rich attempted to reason with the bank but to no avail. He found us another lender that was willing to reduce our interest rate to market rates savings us over $2,000 monthly from the original rate and payment quoted.

Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting is not your prototypical broker we have heard about and feared. They went well beyond the scope of their engagement and were more concerned with what was fair then the amount of their fee income.
– John Chiodi-The Cornerstone, Hillsdale, NJ

Commercial Loan for Montvale New Jersey RestaurantI met Rich Latrenta thorough a Restaurant Real Estate Brokerage Firm. I needed to refinance my restaurant to provide additional working capital to restructure my other restaurant Jose O’Reilly.

Through Rich’s efforts and was able to refinance my existing loan with sufficient funds to complete my project and reduce my monthly payments by over $3,500 per month.

He has an excellent knowledge of restaurant finance and operation coupled with his previous banking experience.
– Fintan Seeley-The Porterhouse, Montvale, NJ

Windsor Diner of Clark, New JerseyI was referred to Greenway Consulting and Richard Latrenta by Pan Gregorian Enterprises, Inc., a food cooperative for diners, restaurants and catering facilities. I found them to be very professional and work for the best interest of my diner and family. I whole-heartily recommend Greenway Consulting and Richard Latrenta to any diner owner in the tri-state area who finds working with a bank to be as frustrating and daunting as we have.
John & Nick Kallas-Windsor Diner, Clark, New Jersey

We were referred to Greenway Consulting and Richard Latrenta from our real estate broker. They arranged 100% financing on the building with additional funds for closing and the acquisition of the business
We don’t know how they did that, but we are so grateful for all their efforts.
– Mario and Mary Di Maio-Fior D’ Italia Food Center, Union, NJ

Oritani Bank of Washington Township, NJI first met Rich Latrenta when he was Senior Loan Officer at Interchange Bank. We developed a business relationship with him and Greenway Consulting in 2005. His banking experience is very beneficial for his clients and banks when presenting a clients loan request.

I would recommend Rich and Greenway Consulting based on their professionalism and understanding on how banks work when underwriting a loan.
– Tom Guinan-Executive Vice President & Senior Loan Officer, Oritani Bank, Washington Township, NJ

I started working with Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting in January 2011. His understanding of businesses and specifically restaurants / catering facilities is one of the best in the industry. Greenway Consulting is so good that I recommend them to clients we cannot help or other brokers who do not understand how a loan deal should be presented to a bank.

Rich’s extensive knowledge of lending and sense of urgency to assist his clients is impressive.

It is a pleasure doing business with Rich Latrenta and Greenway Consulting and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
– Maria Palumbo-Vice President, BNB Bank, Fort Lee, NJ

Palisades Bank Loan ReviewAs a private school educating children with special needs for 35 years our banking needs are unique and requires a bank that is sensitive to these needs. We have always been with large national banks who in recent years have failed to meet our needs. It became clear that our school needed a local community bank that would take a real interest in our business.

I was introduced to Richard Latrenta by an employee of my school. After speaking with him on the phone we agreed to meet to discuss what my options were and how he could help. Through Richards extensive relationships with local community banks he recommended several he felt could help. His personal introductions to those banks paved the way for immediate and fruitful meetings that resulted in my finding a bank that was eager to do business with us.

If not for Richard Latrenta I would still be knocking on doors.

-Jeffrey Kahn, President, Palisades Regional Academy, Paramus, NJ